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About Me NW wireless portable X ray machine Application: 1. USB inspection, Electronic components, switches, injection molded parts, power supply, electric wire, ceramic products, aerospace components, semiconductor, packaging components, electronic machine module testing, photovoltaic industry, battery industry, such as need to nondestructive testing and analysis of items to be tested. 2. Field diagnosis in case of injury for athletes and field workers. 3. For safety inspection for Customs post office. Performance parameter: 5U gy/h Standard configuration lead protection box. 1.Resolution:80lp/cm HD 2.Control collection mode: foot pedal 3.image resolution:1028*786 4.etection area: Dia:75mm 5.Gamma source voltage: 50-100KV 6.focal spot: microfocus 7.Gamma ray source type Closed tube model no need for waste heat and special environment, no vacuum and easy operation 8.Gamma source current: 0.5mA 9.Saving mode: can save image 10.Size:460x430x400 11.Weight: 50KG 12.working voltage: 180VC-240VC/50/60HZ,10A 13.Power: 100w 14.t&h temperature and humidity 22+-3°50%RH+-10%RH Specification: Output image size: 150*150mm Image resolution: 1028*786 Detection area: DIA 75MM Gamma source voltage: 50-100KV Equipment volume: 460*430*400mm Image Size: ModelNW-61 NW-62 Output image size: 150x150mm 250x150mm Portable X Ray Machine website:http://www.detectorsmetal.com/x-ray-machine/portable-x-ray-machine/
Website http://www.detectorsmetal.com/x-ray-machine/portable-x-ray-machine/
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