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About Me QF1300 Type Fully Automatic Slitting Machine Wuxi Yuda Light Industry Machinery Factory Wuxi City, China 1. Application: ☆ It is used for slitting standard PVC decorative film or decorative paper or PET hot stamping foil rolls into narrow rolls, which can satisfy different widths of profiles. ☆ the slitting thickness is within 0.25mm and the min. slitting width is 15mm. 2. Flow chart and technical parameters Max slitting width of foils1250mm Max diameter of foil rolls600mm Inner diameter of card core for unwinding and rewinding shaft76mm Min slitting width15~20mm Max slitting thickness0.2mm Slitting speed0-120m/min Motor power3kw AC electromagnetic timing motor Air fan power370W/380V Power supply220V 50Hz Magnetic powder brakeDZF kgfm/5 Divergence correction accuracy2mm Slitting tools of round blade10sets Slitting tools of vertical blade12sets Net weight1820kg Visual size(L*W*H)2380*1540*1370mm 3. The assembly of each unit 3.1) the unwinding unit 1) The base board is made of cast iron, the whole baseboard is the mode of sliding removal, and sliding passage is slat track rolls, one set of the sync motor and certain kind shaft are installed and adjusted by for rectifying-deviation; another set is controlled by gears through hand wheel; 2) It adopts seamless steel pipe to make unwinding shaft, the cast iron made of corn is used to fix the roll material by screws; 3) it adopts 5kg magnetic powder arrester to control the slitting tension of rolls. 3.2) transmitting unit 1) It adopts seamless steel (with 45# in the core) wrapped with NBR to make main drive roller and press roller (Φ112mm); 2) The bearings in the both sides are casting iron. 3) It adopts chain wheels and chains to drive conveying roller. 3.3) slitting unit 1) the upper and down knife shaft is made of 45# steel finished by precise and also finished by chrome plated; 2) the upper and down round knives are all standard tooling, the type: 01-6,02-10; the place of upper knives are adjusted by hard PVC loops and the upper knives are installed in the shelves that can be adjusted free; 3) the round knives are droved by spiral gears in order to reduce the noise when running and also drive stably; 4) the bearings of slitting round knives is made of cast iron, it is easy to release; 5) slat knives are high-quality blade, shelf is Q235steel to make which is fixed in the metric material by nuts, it can be adjusted free. 3.4) winding unit 1) the base board is made of cast iron, the upper and down winding shaft is certain kinds of air plugged mode; 2) it adopts 5kg magnetic powder clutch to drive winding which make the Cardan joints and winding shaft connect for easy unload rolls; 3) it adopts seamless steel pipe to make roller for pressing material. 3.5) electric control panel 1) the major control is the independent control container; 2) the main motor is 2.2kw electromagnetic timing motor to control; 3) the switch of rectifying-deviation is FUTAI KS-C2G; 4) winding & unwinding tension are adjusted by 5) the collection for material is controlled by automatic metrics, the machine stops automatic when arrived fixed length; 6) the main controller of machine is controlled by PLC. 5. Payment and Delivery Terms 1) Delivery time: Approx. 60days from receipt of down payment not including Spring Festival Holiday 15days. 2) Payment: 30% advance payment with order by T/T; 70% left payment paid before shipment by T/T. 3) Guarantee: the machine is under warranty for one year, but not including the artificial wrong operation. 4) Assembling works: Machine can be installed and start up will be done by our technician at your workshop. This period will not exceed 7 days including the training of your 2 people. For this service a round trip airplane ticket (economy class) and accommodation& food expenses of our technician will be borne by you, and also offer 100USD/day as technical subsidy for our technician.Film Slitting Machine website:http://www.cnyudajixie.com/film-slitting-machine/
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