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About Me Buy Distilled Monoglyceride (DMG) CAS 123-94-4, a kind of Emulsifier of Food Ingredients, from A.H.A International, China leading supplier, factory & manufacturer, a Group company integrating production, R&D and sales. If you want to buy Distilled Monoglyceride (DMG) CAS 123-94-4 from China, please kindly send inquiry to us. Product name: Distilled Monoglyceride (DMG) Molecular Formula: C21H42O4 Molecular Structure: Molecular Weight: 358.556 CAS No.: 123-94-4 Description Distilled Monoglyceride produced by using natural vegetable oils and fats, referred to as monoglyceride, is more than 90% purified by molecular distillation technology, also known as molecular distillation monoglyceride. Application Distilled Monoglyceride can be used as resin coating for EPS, which reduces static build-up of EPS during transportation and pre-foaming; reduces agglomeration during pre-expansion; controls release of blowing agent during pre-expansion; increases EPS flow Sex, speed up the molding process. Specification Appearance White solid Content of monoeaster 95.0% min Iodine value 1.5g/100g max Solidification point 60.0~70.0鈩?br/> Acid value (as KOH) 3.0mg/g max Free acid (as stearic acid) 1.5 % max Free glycerol 1.0% max Arsenic 0.0001% max Lead(Pb) 0.0002% max HLB value 3.8 Heavy metals content0.0005% max Packing 15kg/carton or as customer鈥檚 requirements. Storage Store in tight container, at cool, ventilated, clean and dry place. Minimum Order 150kgsEmulsifier website:http://www.ahabiochem.com/food-ingredients/emulsifier/
Website http://www.ahabiochem.com/food-ingredients/emulsifier/
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