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About Me Provide the driver a clear 360 degree bird's-eye view around vehicle. Eliminate most of the blind spots, makes much easier for parking and passing the narrow road. Seamless Splicing Technology, Auto image mosaic. The 4 cameras keep recording from the 4 sides of the car. Forward driving When the car forward driving, the screen can optional shows front bird-view, you can set it in the menu. Reverse When the car reverse, the screen will auto show the rear bird-view. Turn left When the car turn left, the screen will auto shows the left bird-view. Turn right When the car turn right, the screen will auto shows the right bird-view. What is the Function of SVM Surround View Monitoring System? 360 degree surround view monitoring system(SVM) for the driver to provide low-speed, vertical parking, side parking, reversing, narrow access, the surrounding environment, such as observation of several typical scenes of the auxiliary driving angle image. Through the interconnection with the vehicle bus, the system can be through the speed, stalls, left and right turn signal, far light and other signals, to achieve rapid switching of view / image to avoid the driver "rush" situation. Related Products EST-LRT Car front view left view HD camera EST-R Car right view HD camera EST-LR Car left and right view cameraCar Panoramic System website:http://www.autoaicamera.com/car-panoramic-system/
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