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About Me TOP-330-2 Tagline MULTI-FUNCTIONAL LABEL DIE CUTTING MACHINE Text Cost-efficient die cutting solution for IML. Easy shift from full rotary to semi rotary, providing high quality solution for label materials. Top-330-2 is a good entry-level machine for the in-mold label market. Inline combination available with laminator, slitter and sheeter. STANDARD Features UNWINDER & WEB GUIDE Independent, servo-driven unwinder with closed-loop tension control. Electronic web guide with ultrasonic edge guide sensor. 76 mm air expanding mandrel. Max diameter 700 mm 鈥?1000 mm. SEMI/FULL ROTARY DIE CUTTING Independent and servo-driven. Repeat lenghts from 50 mm - 330 mm for semi-rotary, and 190.5 mm - 476.25 mm for full rotary. Magnetic or solid/engraved cylinders. REWINDER Rewinder with closed-loop tension control system ensures continuous stable tension. 700 mm maximum rewind diameter. OPTIONS LAMINATOR SLITTING SHEETING BACK SCORER Specifications Max Die-cutting Speed (semi-rotary)60 m/min Max Die-cutting Length (semi-rotary) 330 mm Accuracy of Adhesive Cutting 卤0.15 mm Registration Mark Sensor Max Web Width 330 mm Max Unwinder dia. 700 mm Max Rewinder dia. 700 mm Standard Magnetic Cylinder 120 T Total Motor Power 10 kw Dimension 2900 x 1200 x 1500 mm Weight 2800 KGS Power Supply AV, 380 V, 50 HZ Air Supply0.4~0.6 MPa Min Slitting Width16 mm FAQ Q: Why this machine been considered as the most popular die cutting machine in Rhyguan? A: Rhyguan is famous for making semi/full rotary die cutting machines. Semi rotary die cut is quite a good choice for those customers who doesn鈥檛 want to change magnetic cylinders for each job. Customers only need to change flexible dies for each job. Full rotary die cut can go faster to make labels, and can be used to make In Mold Labels, which is quite popular in labels market. This model TOP-330-2 can do both. Q: What鈥檚 the servo brand that you use? A: This model is full independent servo driven, servo brand Panasonic from Japan. We started to work with Panasonic since we start business.Round Die Cutting Machine factory website:http://www.digitalfinishing.net/die-cutting-machine/round-die-cutting-machine/
Website http://www.digitalfinishing.net/die-cutting-machine/round-die-cutting-machine/
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