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About Me The high mast Material: ASTM A572 GR65\Q345\Q235 Mast shape: 12\18 edge shape of a pyramid Assembly process: plug-in type Antiseptic craft: hot-dip-galvanization\ hot-dip-galvanization and powder Lamp crown The primary function is to lighting. All crowns are constructed form high-quality steel, both inner and outer surfaces are processed by hot-dip-galvanization Raising and lowering system 1.Raising-and-lowering high mast lighting is mainly consists of four parts: the mast, raising-and-lowering system, lamp crown and lamps 2.The raising-and-lowering system is the core part of the raising-and-lowering high mast lamp, is the biggest safeguard for whole high mast lamp normal operation and safety use. The series of yuntong raising-and-lowering system mainly consists of lightning rod, enclosed the top pulley assembly, latching mechanism, lamp crown, steering arm, bumper, cables, winch, motor, lighting control cabinet, raising-and-lowering control cabinet and so on. Enclosed mast- top pulley assembly Pulley assembly consists of 3 sets of steel cable pulley arms that each set at an angle of 120 degrees to another and 1 to 3 sets of power cable pulley arms. Stationary power pulley and removable power pulley are offered to choose from. Latch Mechanism Latch barrel was installed on the mast-top pulley assembly, aluminum alloy die-casting latch barrel and cast steel latch barrel are offered. A set of height restriction system was installed in the latch barrel. The loaded steel cable will never get exposed in the outside environment which can extend the service life of the steel cable. Stainless steel center finding rotary latch pin moves up with the crown, approaches the latch barrel witch was installed on the mast-top pulley, moves along the track in the barrel makes the crown fixed on the top pulley, unloads the steel cable. The crown was kept steady and horizontal in the whole process mentioned above. Lamp crown horizontal adjustment assembly was easily and quickly to used. Special designed red-flag indicator was appeal to the eye锛宺eflects the status of the latch mechanism accurately and makes the operation easier and visible. Support ring Support ring was a stamped low carbon steel plate which has been hot dip galvanized. The latch pin, steering assembly, cable holding disk, bumper and lamp crown were all installed on the support ring, making the support ring the core component. Steering assembly Steering assembly consists of 3 sets of mutual correlated steering arms, polymer rollers, springs. This unique design can avoid the crown off-center caused by quake or loading during the raising and lowering, protect the coating of the mast surface. Bumper and horizontal adjustment assembly The bumper is designed on the crown, can avoid the damage caused by the direct collision between the raising crown and the mast-top pulley. The horizontal error within 3cm of the crown can also be adjusted by adjusting the bolts on the bumper. Cables YC heavy robber sheath cable power cable and hot-dip-galvanized steel cable were default providing锛宻tainless steel cable and other requires of the cables can be also accepted. The steel cable was protected in a webge machanism at both end which were drive disk and bumper. The safety factor of the main steel cable is 8, the secondary steel cable is 6. Winch The multifunctional锛宺eliable锛宻mart-structure winch with patented technologies was specialized designed for raising-and-lowering system by YUNTONG HIGHMAST independently. The main functions Unique anti-slip device, beside screw gear self-locking, one-way damper with patented invention was also equipped to make sure safety. Sealed screw gear box rejects dust, water getting into machine. Electrical devices Highmast lamp鈥檚 electrical devices include motor, lighting control cabinet, rasing-and-lowering system control device, junction box etc. The motor option is external or internal; the raising-and-lowering system can be operated by both electrical power and man power. Remote control enables operator to stand at a safe distance (5m) when lowering operation. Air switch is used for lighting control, overload and short-circuit protection is provided. the air industrial standard socket is used for connecting power cable within the mast, and spare cable and socket is equipped for testing purpose when in the lowered position. The junction box is stainless and fit on the luminaire support ring.High Mast Lighting factory website:http://www.yt-highmastlighting.com/high-mast-lighting/
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