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About Me Glass Film Protective Films introduction Shengfa Film offers a significant improvement over standard or tempered glass in its ability to withstand an attack from weapons such as a baseball bat, flying rocks, or even a brick. Our film is engineered to defend against the most violent of blows. Applied directly to the interior side of the window, the film works like an invisible coat of armor, strengthening the weakest security link– the glass. While a criminal may muster enough force to shatter the window, it will require repeated (and attention getting) blows to penetrate the virtually indestructible film. Generally, the burglar will not risk the time. Clear Glass Film Protective Films Technical parameters We offer films in various quality, color, printability, thickness, length, width and adhesive strength as below: Film TypePolyethylene film coated with pressure sensitive acrylic solvent adhesive or water-based adhesive; ColorTransparent; white color, black & white color; blue color; black color, green color etc; PrintabilityCan print Logo, company name in 1-2 colors on the film surface; Thickness30 um –150 um (equals to 0.03mm-0.15mm); LengthWithin 1500 meter per roll; WidthWithin in 2250 millimeter; Adhesive strength5-1500g/50mm Features Of Glass Film Protective Films Good weatherability; UV resistant for up to 6 months; can be easily applied and removed, leaving no residue glue after removal Main specification: 0.03mm-0.06mm; transparent, blue color Production process: 1、PE raw materials 2、Dip coating 3、drying 4、Winding split 5、Finished product 6、Checking 7、Packing Packaging Our Advantages: Why choose us ? 1、 Providing first-class services to the customers. 2.Quality Control through the whole Manufacturing process. 3.General Inspection on fixing before Packing. 4.Our Product all passed ISO 6.Many other Designs for you to choose. Your interests can be fully Guaranteed. 7.After you make order, we will Follow up the whole process and Update it to you. Collecting goods, Loading containers and Tracking goods transport information for you. 8.Any of our products you are interested, or any customized orders you wish to place, any items you want to buy, Please let us know your requirements. Our team will do our best to Help you . Glass Protection Film website: