4 thoughts on “Your Stories About The Books

  1. Came upon this book while an undergrad at Stanford. Made a pirated copy, added a bunch of other tunes I loved, had a friend make a cool cover, called it “songs to fill the air” and still have it. Always wanted to know the source so I could thank but my original copy had no identifying info. Had so many epic jams out of this volume over last 20 years as recently as last week. Thank you! You are truly kind!!!

  2. Been playing from this book since acquiring in 88 at the spectrum or down at rfk . Love it and have taking enough care of it traveling far and wide ,young and single ….married with a beautiful family and still playing from this wonderful collection in 2017 soon to be 2018. The best shakedown street purchase ever. Thanks to whomever delivered the love.
    Very grateful
    Winston Salem,NC

  3. Finding you feels like a miracle I got my Book was over twenty years ago been with me everywhere I’ve been . This book I have always called The Bible has turned countless musicians onto the Dead through Jamming these songs from around a fire to the stage some of these guys never even listened to The Grateful Dead but through simple song they’ve been turned on . Now unfortunately I’ve recently been separated with my book I was Torn Up never thought I’d find it again there was no author no identify marks just mountains of love how could this be replaced I’ve thought for years I had the only copy in existence like it was sent to me alone to share with the world to spread the good word like some kind of Musical Witness but here it is I can be replaced this in no way will lessen the value of this Bible of sorts to me it’s actually so beautiful to see so many have shared the joy So now I have my new copy on the way and I will continue to spread the words of love and song Thank You so much for putting this into the world and in a format that is so open to interpretation & improvisation just like the band we all know & love so much words can’t say the feeling of opening this book to group of musicians with only a skeleton of a song to follow feeling it grow into a life of its own so again I Wanna Thank You For A Real Good Time

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