We’re So Glad You Made It!

We’re So Glad You Made It! For those who know The Books, glad to see you again! For you new folks just discovering them, Welcome and So Glad You Made It! Deadheads have been using these volumes for over 25 years to learn how to play all our favorite songs and teaching them to their friends and family. So if you just decided to pick up an instrument or for whatever reason, These Are The Books You’ve Been Looking For! Below you’ll find the easiest way there is to get your Songbooks, because it used to be the only way was a chance encounter with the Grateful Dead Songbook Guy on the Lot! And guess what. The books will cost you exactly the same here as they would on the lot (plus shipping).

I’m excited to have this new web presence, something I’ve never tried before. First, you’ll notice I’ve created The Long, Strange Blog in which I will tell the story of the books in a Long, Strange string of crazy stories. You’ll also find an open thread so you can tell us YOUR Long, Strange Story about The Books, photos of your old editions, your band, videos, whatever. You’ll also find an open thread for corrections, key changes, different ways of playing the songs, maybe some tablature for some Jerry solos you’d like to share. Let’s work on the next editions together and make something really special!

Because most of all, this site is an extension of the books which have had one purpose and one purpose only since the beginning: to get more people to play more of our favorite songs all the time. Because I just love to be able to go anywhere to any town anytime and to always be able to find my family gathered together in love and friendship groovin’ to some band playing all our favorite Grateful Dead songs.
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